Vintage Set Breaks

BurlsSports vintage group set breaks are a great way to simulate the excitement of opening a vintage pack of cards without dropping the serious coin for unopened vintage product. Plus, someone is guaranteed to hit the stars! How exactly do they work, though?

Maybe you have done box/case breaks before where you buy a random slot or team and then someone busts up the case or box live online while you watch. Vintage group set breaks are the same concept, but there is a guaranteed checklist of what will be included–an entire complete set! In one of our recent set break (1956 Topps), there were 340 slots up for sale, so some lucky winner got all time greats Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and Hank Aaron! Others took home Hall of Fame players like Banks, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, and even more! Every slot will receive a random card from the set, and the randomization will be broadcast live!

Check out this YouTube video of one of my recent set breaks (’34 Goudey): 

Set Break Rules:

1. Payments are to be made via PayPal, check, or money order. Payment is due within three days after break is completely full. If payment is not received, your slots will be surrendered and resold. (Add the item to your cart, choose checkout, and check payment if you want to wait and pay once the group break is full. You can still send payment via PayPal at a later date. You slot is not reserved until you click “Place Order”). NOTE: If you want to pay via check or money order, please make your purchase early and mail the check right away. Shoot me an e-mail letting me know the check/MO is in the mail, so I can be looking for it.

2. Each purchase is for one slot in the vintage group set break. You are guaranteed to receive a card from the set for each slot you purchase.
3. The card you receive will be determined at random and will be shown live via online video (available on this website and on and recorded for those who won’t be able to watch it live.

4. Once you purchase a slot on the listing, you agree to pay for the spot reserved.

5. No purchase is necessary to have a chance to participate in the vintage group set breaks. For each break, I give away at least one slot. Make sure to like our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list for the latest on contests and giveaways.

6. Every effort will be made to sell all the slots in each break. Every break is guaranteed, though, so if slots do not sell by a designated break broadcast time, then BurlsSports will purchase the remaining slots. If this is not acceptable to you, please do not buy in. (Also note, I’ve done a few dozen set breaks at this point, and every one of them have sold out.)


1. By purchasing a slot in any of Burl’s Sports set breaks, you agree to receive e-mail updates about this set break and future set breaks. You may unsubscribe at any time.

2. Once the break is full, you will receive an e-mail detailing the broadcast information for the set break. If you are unable to view the break live, the video will be posted on this site for your viewing convenience.

3. If you elect to pay by check, you will receive an e-mail notifying you to send your payment once the break is full. After this e-mail notification is sent out, you will have three full days to submit payment. If payment is not received within that time-frame, you forfeit your slots and your slots will be resold. (Note: It is preferable to pay for your slots when you purchase them.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask. My e-mail is Enjoy one of’s vintage group set breaks. Happy breaking!

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List of 2017 breaks

For Sale Date Year Issue Break Date/Results
1/10/2017 1966 Topps  1/16/2017
1/20/2017 1955 Bowman  1/24/2016
1/30/2017 1954 Bowman
2/10/2017 1953 Bowman Color and B&W  2/17/2017
2/28/2017 1948 Bowman (VIP-exclusive)  3/4/2017
3/10/2017 1952 Bowman  3/13/2017
3/24/2017 1972 Topps  3/29/2017
4/7/2017 1952 Topps  4/23/2017
4/29/2017 1950 Bowman 5/4/2017
5/12/2017 1949 Bowman  5/21/2017
5/24/2017 1956 Topps  5/28/2017
6/1/2017 1960 Topps  6/6/2017
6/9/2017 1957  Topps  6/12/2017
6/16/2017  1951 Bowman  6/25/2017
6/29/2017 1969 Topps  Projected


7/12/2017 1955 Topps
7/26/2017 1957 Topps Football Registry Set


Recent 2016 Set Breaks

1/22 1972 Topps
1/31 1941 Double Play
2/11 1971 Topps
2/26 1941 Play Ball
3/11 1970 Topps
3/25 1940 Play Ball
4/5 1969 Topps
4/16 (in person)

4/18 (online)

1968 Topps
4/29 1939 Play Ball
5/13 1967 Topps
5/27 1965 & 1966 Topps
6/10 ’34 & ’35 Goudey
6/24 1964 Topps
7/14 1963 Topps
7/29 1961 Topps

1962 Topps

Double Break

8/14 1960 Topps
8/26 1933 Goudey Set 9/18
9/19 1959 Topps  9/22
9/26 (evening) 1958 Topps  Tentative


10/11 (evening) 1957 Topps 10/18

4:30 PM CST

10/24 1956 Topps 10/31
11/8 (4 PM CST) 1955 Topps  11/16
11/22 (4 PM CST) 1954 Topps  11/27 (tentative)
12/9 1953 Topps  12/13


12/19 1952 Topps  



4:30 PM CST

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