VIP Set Breaker

If you love our vintage set breaks, you’ll love our VIP Set Breaker program! The program is designed to reward those of you who are loyal participants in our set breaks.

What do our VIPs get?

  • $20 monthly coupon to use toward any set break
  • $10 monthly coupon to use toward other cards in my store
  • Access to set break pre-sales
  • Free shipping on every set break you buy into!
  • Access to our “card-swap” program. Hit a card you already have? No sweat, swap it out for any common in our inventory of similar value.
  • Access to special offers, both for set breaks and other cards.

What’s it cost?

$24.99 per month, or $224.99 yearly.

Really, if you already spend $25 per month in set breaks, this offer pays for itself.

What’s the catch?

Only 25 of these VIP subscriptions are available for this initial run! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reap the early benefits of this program!

Select the monthly or yearly subscription level from the drop-down and then click “subscribe.” You’ll complete your checkout via PayPal and be billed accordingly (either monthly or annually).

Note that this program is currently sold out. Depending on how the trail run goes, I may open it up to more participants in the future. Thanks!

Note: These initial benefits are guaranteed for the first year after program launch (11/25/2016). After that, terms are subject to revision as I’m sure we’ll all find out what we like and what we don’t about it. Thanks for your participatoin