Always Buying!

Want a quote on what I would pay for your cards? Shoot me an e-mail with the highlights of your collection and I will give you a quote of what I would be willing to pay for the lot. Include the following information to make sure I can give you accurate information:
1. Unopened boxes of cards (new or vintage)
2. Complete sets (hand-collated or factory sealed)
3. Key rookie cards (i.e. Bonds, Jordan, Marino, Pujols, etc.) (Include brand/year if you can)
4. Groups of rookie cards (i.e. Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey and similar famous names and a total number of cards)
5. Key singles and inserts(anything that books above $30)
6. Certified autographs (total count by sport-Also, please include information about the brands represented. I pay less for Leaf autos versus Bowman Chromes)
7. Memorabilia cards (total count by sport)
8. Total number of commons per decade
9. Any key memorabilia pieces or other items of value

For a quote, you can call me at (615) 669-6728 or shoot me an e-mail at; make sure you include your contact information, along with the best way and time to contact you. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Always Buying!

  1. I Burl how much for all the psa 7 and 6 on those 50’s cards ..Just the PSA 7’s and Psa 6…Harley

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